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I still have limited knowledge on Hinduism; however growing up in very diverse primary and secondary schools. I always had access too, or came across, usually in passing chat, meaningful, inspirational but also personally applicable lessons, sayings and ways of thinking that have been preached & advised for centuries by various Hindu Gods. I wanted to revisit what these lessons were. This is a digital collage about the Hindu God, Ganesha who is seen to be the 'remover of obstacles'. I included what i percieved, to be percieved obstacles, accepted by humans today. Clouded judgement (scales at the top), percieved fear (tiger) & perception of time (hourglasses).


Avaiable in Aluminium Plaque (choose from the options).

Available in A3 29.7 x 42.0cm & A2 42cm x 59.4cm


Aluminium plaque

Ultra-lightweight aluminium composite.

Aluminium plaque variant doesn't require nails or holes in the wall, can use adhesive strips.

Free GB delivery.

"Ganesha" Wall Art

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